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Newsletter - February 2022

By Secretary Waterlooville Men's Shed

Sunday, 23 January 2022


Waterlooville Men's Shed Contributor


Many of us are possibly considering their woodwork workshops/sheds are in need of a spring clean before thinking of what projects could be undertaken in the coming months. If you are looking at a cull of tools that you no longer need, remember the Shed can find a good home for them either amongst fellow members or our supported charity Tools With A Mission (TWAM). Just bring them up and leave them in the workshop with a label saying what they are for and from whom. You will have seen from the minutes of the Committee/board meeting that a programme of inductions including, if needed, tool sharpening is being reintroduced for members. Thanks must go to those who have volunteered to carry out these inductions on the various pieces of machinery held in the Shed.

What does 2022 bring for the Shed? Well hopefully we can return to near normal routines away from the COVID restrictions and be able to meet more socially both within the Shed areas, and, perhaps at any social function that may be programmed for members and guests. Remember any ideas for a gathering event are most welcome from any Shed member and will get any support they need from Committee/Board members.

4th Feb Shed BBQ (Please note the date change)

Due to the low turnouts on the experiment to stagger the BBQ’s it has been agreed to return to the original first Friday of the month at 1200 after the Committee/Board meeting. It is hoped that when the days get warmer and dryer more members will feel inclined to come along to share a burger or sausage.

And finally……..

A guy was transporting a troop of monkeys to the local zoo when the van developed a mechanical fault. He limped to the nearest garage and asked for some advice. The garage said they could fix it, however it would be a couple of hours work. Knowing he couldn’t move without it being fixed the driver asked if there was anyone who could transport the monkeys until the van was fixed. A young mechanic said he could in the garage van. He was offered £50:00 to take the monkeys. He set off in the works van now full of monkeys while the guys van was being fixed.

After an hour the job was done and he was ready to take off for the zoo again. To his amazement as he approaches the zoo he sees the works van coming out of the zoo with the monkeys still in the van. He flags him down….”What’s happening… where are you going now?”

The mechanic replied, “We had some money left over, so I’m taking them to the cinema now!!”

Dave (WMS Secretary)

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