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December 2021 Newsletter Part 6

By Secretary Waterlooville Men's Shed

Saturday, 27 November 2021


Waterlooville Men's Shed Contributor


9. Roy G has made a donation of a laptop, which is much appreciated by the group. Roy is also in the process of updating the member’s photo board located at the entrance to the Shed. So if he approaches you for a photo give him your best side! Thank you Roy for your IT knowledge and work on behalf of the Shed.

10. John S and Jim B have delivered a donation of surplus tools to T.W.A.M. (Tools With A Mission). These tools will be utilised in Africa to help to start up community projects. Further donations of surplus tools will be donated to T.W.A.M. as and when. The organisation can also accept electrical tools for Africa now. The usual option for members to purchase surplus tools will remain with a list of surplus periodically placed on the noticeboard in the kitchen.

11. At the last committee meeting, the subject of membership fees was discussed. It has been agreed that full membership fee of £25:00 would be paid annually 1st October with a reduced membership fee of £12:50 from 1st April.

12. There will be two Shed upgrade projects being investigated in the coming months. One will be to improve the ventilation in the lathe workshop to reduce the amount of dust in the atmosphere and provide better ventilation.

Secondly the lighting in the Shed will be assessed and priced to replace current lights with LED, which will be more efficient and cost effective in the long term.

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Registered charity number 1174513

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Padnell Road, Cowplain, Waterlooville, Hampshire, PO8 8EH


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Turn into the road to Padnel Junior School. It is the white building on the left, just before the grass.